Organic Bath Salts:- This beautiful bottle of goodness is made with Organic Epsom Salts, Natural sea salt and Bicarbonate of Soda along with Organic Freeze dried flowers and 100% Pure Essential oils.


Perfect for soaking in the tub to relax and relieve muscle tensions.


200g Bottles


Available in 

Lavender & Rose Geranium: Bath Salts with Lavender and Rose Geranium Essential Oils along with Organic dried Lavender and Rose flowers

Jasmine & Rose: Bath Salts with Jasmine and Rose Essential Oils along with Organic dried Rose Petals 

Chamomile & Citrus: Bath Salts wiith Chamomile, Lemon and Sweet Orange Essential Oils along with Organic dried Chamomile Flowers, Lemon and Orange rind


Organic Bath Salts